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PARE is our flagship Application Integration and Orchestration Platform. PARE lets you quickly respond to your changing business needs by coordinating capabilities within your diverse IT landscape.

API is the modern Asset of an organization. The old concepts of having complex UI tied to Data silos are being replaced with organizations’ need to provide APIs for all their business services so that multi-channel and orchestrated consumption of their business functions is enabled.

With API you can:

  • Connect various Apps (inter department or practice) so that all relevant capabilities of your organization can be connected to provide better Business API to your consumers
  • Let others (channel partners) to consume your Business API and provide value added services to their consumers thus helping monetize your API

PARE has helped our Customers reduce maintenance costs by replacing 3rd party legacy apps, automating processes and reducing human errors. It has helped reduce hardware requirements by efficiently distributing workload and been able to release hardware occupied by replaced legacy Apps.

A new approach to App Integration and Orchestration

  • PARE helps integrate disparate Applications through configuration rather than coding. PARE makes implementation of integration projects faster, safer and economical.
  • PARE acts as an API Gateway for your legacy Apps thus helping protect legacy investments.
  • PARE provides agility to your business by connecting and coordinating applications and data both on-premise and in the cloud.

Business Benefits

  • Agility – businesses can respond to changes faster as development cycles are replaced with configurations
  • Economy – businesses can drastically cut cost-of-change using a ‘no-code-platform’ like PARE
  • Simplicity – PARE acts as Integration and API hub that helps eliminate spaghetti connections, data duplication, security holes, data inconsistencies and resulting maintenance overheads
A new approach to App Integration and Orchestration - Pare

Platform Highlights

Improved performance, Oauth2 authentication & access control, secure webhooks, computation containers, scripting sandbox


  • All-in-one Platform (ETL, Integration, API Gateway) – save costs of multiple platforms
  • Features, like a variety of upstream connectors (Databases, Files, API), built-in transformers, capability to apply custom computations, modelling and re-packaging features and downstream connectors to deliver the data to end applications, provide a powerful set of tools to configure ANY ETL flow
  • Built-in Containers and scripting environment provide powerful and flexible orchestration platform where you can design composite services by engaging with multiple integrated applications and data sources
  • Stateless authorization tokens combined with REST API framework to expose orchestrated assets, provide the right platform to design your business APIs and use PARE as an API Gateway
  • Computation capability – save time of development
  • PARE supports a variety of computational containers that most of the other platforms don’t. So, PARE can be used to mix custom computations with transformations and data re-packaging. This, along with its integration capabilities, makes it possible to design new services from scratch, entirely on PARE, without a single line of code

Some common use cases…

  • Design new processes using various Containers and exposed services
  • Inject data into processes and configure decision making
  • Package the new process as a service and offer to clients as secure RESTful API
  • Zero coding – from concept to deployment
  • Get insulated from app partitioning or location
  • Get optimal API for each client
  • Reduce the number of requests/roundtrips
  • Simplify the client by moving logic for calling multiple services from the client to API gateway
  • Translates from a “standard” public web-friendly API protocol to whatever protocols are used internally
  • Expose data from different systems in your IT landscape
  • Enrich, Transform, re-package
  • Push to one or more target endpoints
  • Build logic to do conditional data extract and load
  • Bring agility in your integration architecture

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