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PARE - APP Integration & Orchestration

Versatile and extensible connectivity

  • PARE provides built-in connectors for standard RDBMS, NoSQL Databases, Email servers, Files (record files, CSV and Excel), SOAP and HTTP web services, OAuth2 resources, SAP and Custom classes among others. It provides the ability to connect with any given application in your IT landscape.

Extensive Data Transformation capability

  • PARE Data system (Fields), provides a powerful yet flexible way of exposing data from various sources in a uniform way. It’s easy, for example to match a Field from a Database with another from a File, and update a third inside of an Application, all via configuration.

Versatile and extensible Orchestration capability

  • Using Container Functions and Actions PARE allows designing new composite processes that integrate IT assets from across the organization and outside, easily and reliably. Using Asset Linking capability and PARE server, these composite services can be linked to even higher-level services thus ensuring modularity and required granularity of the services as required by the business. PARE scripting (using JavaScript, Python and LUA) and direct Java Library integration facility can be used to build new services from scratch.

Security and Reliability

  • PARE Server implements granular Access Control where the administrator can control CRUD access between a USER and a hosted PARE configuration. PARE Server’s access control system allows Permission hierarchy and inheritance. PARE’s structured error-handling capability allows the process designer to handle errors at the right level and automate corrective actions. These include selecting of alternative paths in case of error, capturing Audit information, stop or continue further processing, patching of Data under error scenarios and so on, to give users granular control over error scenarios.

Better Performance of Orchestrated processes

  • PARE provides multiple computation containers that help improve performance, including:
    • Connector pooling and per-thread active connectors for immediate response to on-demand
    • Powerful multi-threaded data source iterator for batch loads
    • Memory Data Sources for performing Binary Search
    • User Data Sources for in-memory data caching and reuse
  • PARE Server:
    • PARE’s Cluster mode allows easy configuration of a server pool
      (using your preferred 3rd party load balancer) to scale easily to handle massive transaction loads.

PARE as a stand-alone Rule Engine

Rule Engine is a system that enables application developers (organizations’ IT department) to decouple business rules from application source code. By doing so, they enable the business users (people with direct knowledge of the business and hence its rules) to directly define, test, deploy and maintain the business rules themselves with little or no intervention by the IT department.

This is beneficial to both the IT department and the business due to the following reasons:

  • Business rules are linked to business environments which are highly dynamic. Hence flexibility in defining and changing the rules (basically managing how the system behaves) without IT intervention saves time and enables the business to react faster to a given situation.
  • Keeping the business conditions and resulting actions (rules) outside of the main application code flow enables a much smaller main code base and a much cleaner and maintainable application. It also enables a much faster turnaround time w.r.t change management.
  • Version control of the business rules is separated from the main application, and hence, same application code may support various similar business scenarios just by implementing different versions of the Rule Configuration.


In short, a Rule Engine helps separate the knowledge aspects of the business from the technical aspects of the application and allows Business Users to directly manipulate the knowledge aspects of the application. Combining PARE’s extensible Data processing capabilities and App integration, users can easily design Business Rules and integrate with existing Apps.

PARE is an advanced Application Integration and API platform:

  • PARE helps integrate disparate Applications through configuration rather than coding. PARE makes implementation of integration projects faster, safer and economical.
  • PARE acts as an API Gateway for your integrations thus helping protect legacy investments.
  • PARE provides agility to your business by connecting and coordinating applications and data both on-premise and in the cloud.

Unlike other Integration Platforms, PARE supports Computation Containers and Scripting Sandboxes that allow embedding complex logic in the configured flows. This eliminates the complexity, resources and time required to implement such computations separately

PARE can scale from a Raspberry Pi to a multi-server cluster. It allows you to start with a small investment and then grow on-demand.

All-in-one Platform
PARE includes Integration connectors, Computation capability, Rule Engine, API Gateway and Identity and Access Management in a single platform. This leads to significant cost optimization, far simpler IT landscape and reduced maintenance costs.

ETL Capability
PARE can act as an advanced ETL tool for your data migration or data warehousing projects.

One of our Customers (a national Telco) is using PARE to simplify its IT landscape including:

  • Implementation of all Integrations with the Billing system
  • Implementation of all Integration with the CRM
  • Usage Mediation and Rating process re-engineering
  • Omni-channel communication


PARE is helping our Customer reduce maintenance costs by replacing 3rd party legacy apps, automating processes and reducing human errors. PARE has improved performance (time from start to finish) of certain batch processes by about 300%. It has helped reduce hardware requirements by efficiently distributing workload and been able to release hardware occupied by replaced legacy Apps.