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REACH – CCM Platform

Versatile and extensible data integration capability

  • REACH is built on UMT’s own Orchestration Platform and uses its superior data and API integration capabilities to connect with all existing data silos to extract, correlate and merge all required data for your communication needs.

Best reporting platform

  • REACH uses Jasper as the templating engine. It’s the most used reporting and data visualization tool in the world, with easy skill-set availability across the globe. Jasper Community Edition makes it easy to create your communication templates, while REACH provides direct integration with Jasper to manage, version, deploy and run the templates.

Proper Unicode support

  • Unicode is supported end-to-end. So communications can be generated in any language of your choice. In fact, REACH is being used to generate customer communication in three different languages simultaneously by a Customer.

Fault tolerance, Throttling, BMT, Retry logic and Rules

  • Bounced Mail Tracking (BMT) is built-in. REACH can search for bounced emails, figure out the bounce reason and rules can be defined to trigger forward processing.
  • Since REACH provides a general purpose orchestration platform, its easy to configure your error handling strategy and retry logic. For example, you can configure an email resend after few minutes in case of a soft-bounce, while no retries for a hard-bounce.
  • Sleep timers can be easily embedded in the flows to throttle speed to delivery, so that the recipient inboxes do not mark the source as a spammer.
  • REACH provides a powerful Rules facility to configure logical flows within your processing logic

API Platform

  • Being based on PARE, REACH offers its powerful Web Service API Platform for all your CCM processes. This makes it easy for other applications in your landscape to call your CCM services on demand, thus saving on post-implementation operational costs.
  • REACH also supports batch processing and scheduled job execution for all your bulk processing requirements.

    Blazing fast

    • REACH orchestration and data integration capabilities offers superior performance for batch loads. Multi-threaded job executors and in-memory data-sources are few examples of computation containers that speed up processing. Our live examples often show a 3 fold reduction of processing time compared to old platform that it replaced for same work load.

    REACH is a Customer Communication Management platform.

    • REACH automates omni-channel and multi-format B2B and B2C communications
    • REACH serves as a communications hub for all Apps in your IT landscape
    • REACH helps you implement a centralized Communication Strategy that automates communication to your customers, employees and support teams, and ensure that information shared is consistent, timely and targeted to the recipient

    Data Integrations
    REACH offers advanced integration and data transformation tools to easily connect with all Apps and datastores in your IT landscape, extract and transform the data into required format and generate formatted content, eliminating the need to create custom processes for data staging.

    Embedded Rule Engine
    REACH embeds a general purpose Rule Engine and process designer that helps you define your communication strategy including:

    • channel preference
    • content template preference
    • fault handling
    • retry logic
    • batch and on-demand process flows

    REACH’s batch processing flows allow you to automate your communications process entirely, including:

    • content generation
    • content distribution
    • response management

    API Platform
    REACH exposes web service APIs to help other Apps integrate with it easily and centralize your communication method

    Our Customer is using REACH for all its B2C communications. Following communications are being done:

    • Monthly bills
    • Welcome messages
    • Service Alerts, Ticket related messages
    • Payment notifications
    • Dunning messages
    • Contract documents

    In addition, they are doing following B2B communications using same tool:

    • Bank EBPP messages (XML format)
    • Corporate charge breakups (CSV format)
    • Call Centre instant communication (HTML format)

    Following channels are being used:

    • Merged PDF to print vendor for paper printing
    • Email with PDF/CSV attachments
    • SMS messages via a SMS gateway service
    • Web Service calls and SFTP for B2B communications

    REACH has helped our customer integrate all communications into a single platform. REACH has improved performance of email sending process by 250% compared to replaced CCM platform. REACH has also helped reduce hardware requirements by efficiently distributing workload and been able to release hardware occupied by replaced platform.