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The UMT Center of Digital Excellence (UCoDE) houses multidisciplinary knowledge of various industries and deep DX Technology Expertise coupled with Next Gen Solutions portfolio, offers the necessary ecosystem for the enterprises to test real-time solutions and build performance-based business models and revenue generation systems.

The UCoDE assist companies to outspace expectations in “Access Economy” by addressing digitally “Influenced” Industry Disruption through its “Services First Vs. Applications First” based architecture, providing best in-class solution with a right combination of DX & CxM technology platform. It encourages the organizations for the adoption of new technologies and maximising the potential opportunities of digital media and technology to meet their multichannel marketing goals and achieve a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

UCoDE brings together excellence in a variety of disciplines to formalize Digital Governance and create a customer-centric operating model to promote collaboration and industry-standard best practices focusing on the core Digital Principles to drive exceptional business results.

Supported by UCoDE’s Knowledge Repository, which involves regular periodic training, surveys, focus groups and individual competency analysis, our talented hybrid skilled specialists with agile mindset and deep industry knowledge are competent to handle the most critical challenges.

It empowers the existing management and execution roles within each business unit to introduce digital elements, streamlining the Customer Journey Map – Contextual, Consistent and Relevant CxM and Customer Lifecycle Excellence while still centralizing the resources and intelligence necessary to guide stakeholders.

center of digital excellence

Explore Opportunities with Digital

Digital Maturity Assessment findings is a great way to benchmark success in line with organizational growth. It determines the Digital skill of the enterprise and drive consensus amongst the business leaders around the existing digital strengths, weaknesses and gaps. Based on the identified gaps, and industry trends, our Subject Matter Experts defines the future competency model needed to support the projects and the actions needed to disseminate digital across the organization. It defines digital vision along with prioritization of digital initiatives, definition of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, and in-turn shaping your business strategy well-fitted to your business goals and the associated challenges.

Today Consumer’s landscape is in a constant flux with changing demographics, big data, and technologies that have largely altered the consumers behaviors and attitudes. This is where many companies are struggling to discover the insights they need to unlock growth.


UMT’s experts conducts a quantitative and qualitative research at every stage of the process, from monitoring results of marketing, sales, or pricing pilots to maximizing results over the long-term to discover the most pertinent information related to customer thinking and behavior, the complex Millennial generation, the crucial digital realm and translate the innovative and customized insight into actionable strategies with economic impact.

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