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Today, in The ‘NOW’ economy led by demanding Digital Natives, the business and technology innovations are inextricably linked to help enterprises create new business models and compels them to reinvent related business functions and in turn, the processes in the rapidly changing environment. Early adopters of these Digital acumen are achieving more revenue, positive impact to profitability, greater market valuation. In this era of Digital Economy, it has become imperative for the enterprises to develop strategies around Customer Centricity, Process Agility and Operational Excellence.


Our Digital Consulting Services delves deep into organization’s ecosystem and touches every aspect of the business that includes connected customer engagement, process and information excellence, market growth, delivery channels, partner collaboration among others.


Through our Digital Business Services, we assist enterprises to identify the gaps between their current and envisioned processes, to assess readiness and map opportunities.

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Turning digital aspirations into reality

The UMT Center of Digital Excellence (UCoDE) upend traditional businesses into thriving omni-digital organizations, working on two major elements:

Digitally Empowered Customers – The UCoDE enables brands to address digital disruption, led by their end customers demand, with seamless convergence of digital and physical channels and through customer journey, enhanced by contextual hyper-personalized engagement.

Brand’s Digital Quest – The UCoDE provides brands an early access to the innovation driven Digital Roadmap to enable new digital business models, digital workforce and be ahead of the competitive curve.


At UCoDE, the brands can:

Touch & Feel digital facades to manage real industry disruption scenarios in our Customer Journey Center that demonstrates industry based Digital Transformation (DX) roadmap and the following offerings that encompasses:

The digitally empowered customers:

Connected Journey: The combination of Internet of Things (IoT), in-store devices along with UCERA provides a seamless cross channel experience and a unique personalized clienteling for customers.

Real Store Experience: Customers access the store floor to indulge into an engrossing experience with their brands of choice. The store engages the customers through visual merchandising and mobile app driven location based marketing. Real time data driven systems record and analyze customer’s interaction with store merchandising and their reactions to product assortment, inventory availability, price point dynamism and store esthetics.

The digital brand:

Consumer Connect & Insight: The lab showcases how industry-proven, interconnected devices and underlying power of cloud computing can help brand to gather real-time data about customers’ through real-time interaction. In the walk-through, you will be able to see and appreciate that how you are always connected with an individual customer through a hyper-personalized interaction targeted to the ‘Group of ONE’. Further to add, you will also see how the smart devices like Google Glass can enable your store employees to match the expectation of your digitally empowered, valuable and niche customers when they traverse through their journey from online to store and back to online.

Digital Business Technology Platform: The digital platform provides an ecosystem that transparently binds the business processes and the Digital Transformation Technologies required to achieve connected intimacy with the consumers. Based on the ‘Service-First Vs. Application-First Architecture’, the platform allows brand to gather multi-dimensional data, apply business driven algorithms and analytical model to take right business workflow based just-in-time actions followed by outcome derivatives. The outcomes are then utilized to simulate new agile business processes and even business models.

Engagement with the in-house team of Industry & DXTechnology SME’s to assess brand’s current state of digital maturity and the path that needs to be travelled to attain their digital goals without foregoing existing digital investments. The brain storming sessions create a balanced milieu between the brand’s master minds and UMT’s expertise team to ideate new thinking and thus challenge the traditional thought process of business and technology.

The UCoDE, powered by Customer Journey Lab, provides the ideal environment to test unconventional ideas, early identification of DXcomponents required for YOUR Brand’s unique value proposition. Your key team collaborates with our DXSME team to incubate ideas and develop “Live Proof-of-Concept” within UMT’s innovative Lab environment. This will assist you to take timely decision on your brand’s digital vision along with prioritized intermediate digital initiatives.

With industry-oriented digital assets paired with our global model-based distributed, agile and service delivery capabilities, UCoDE can implement the right outcome based digital platforms. The brands can benefit from the efficacious advices by our DX Technology Experts, utilizing their tech-agnostic approach, combined with our Digital Service Platform powered by Next Gen Solutions and our DX OEM consortium. This will help the brands to realize their individual ‘Digital Transformation in Motion’ (DXIM) at speed, at scale and on demand.


The question is “ Why being Digital is so important ‘NOW’ ? And the answer is really simple, “Yes Absolutely”. There is no second thought that the world is going digital. Talk to the CxO community and they will echo the same sentiment about DX being their top priority.. yet many of their business are not prepared to face this phenomena change around their core business. The reason, again simply, because the siloed technologies, legacy skills and processes they have in place are failing to match the demand from the modern digital world. So, it has become a must to adapt the prinicples of digital transformations in order to first survive and then take the lead in this competitive cutting-edge digital world.

Visit the link – UMT Customer Journey to learn how UMT harnesses the combined power of process-centric technologies, design thinking, and deep domain expertise.



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