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UBIZ - Empowerment to Better Business Decisions

Usha Martin Technologies offers a comprehensive business intelligence solution UBIZ, that provides reliable and specific information based on a complete view of the business. A set of in-built interfaces empowers decision makers across the value chain with in-depth reporting abilities so that they can get the information they need to make the right decisions at the right time. UBIZ assimilates data from across the enterprise and provides analytical reports at the fingertips of the decision makers.

By deploying the solution across OSS/BSS revenue chain, and across the customer lifecycle, service providers can achieve greater control on revenue as well as on operation, and effectively set apart themselves from competitors. It provides analytical insights in a manner that business people can easily digest, ranging from intuitive, graphical dashboards to highly formatted operational reports including:


  • Measuring KPIs by Customer Segment, Line of Business, Tariff Plans, Zone and time (day, month, quarter, year) and Displaying on Dashboard
  • Reporting on profiling, segmentation, pattern matching, trend, forecasting, prediction (like identifying most profitable customer/product portfolio, Analyzing Churn using predictive modeling)
  • Setting up BI Alarm on basis of decision from real time information availability


The extensible & modular architecture of UBIZ will enable CSPs quickly deploy and integrate solutions across any LOB like Wire line, GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi/ WiMAX, LTE, Broadband etc.

Solution Overview

  • Single view: 100% Web based with web based ETL Scheduler
  • Open Connectivity to Integrate with any core business application
  • Integrated with User-Access Control of Unicorn, the retail billing solution of UMT
  • Major Analytics include

    Business KPI Analytics

    {Revenue, ARPU, AMPU, MOU, Growth, Churn, DSO, Lead Conversion, Ticket Closing Efficiency, Collection Efficiency & more}

    Call/ Usages Analytics

    {Rated Revenue, Usage (Voice & Data), Cell Call Density, Peak & Off-Peak, Off-Net & On-Net, Roaming Usage and more}

    Customer Analytics

    {Segmentation Revenue/ Usages, Profitable Customer Segment, Ageing, Growth vs. Churn & more}

    Revenue Analytics

    {Rated vs. Billing, Billing vs. Collection/ Outstanding. Analysis based on LOB, Technology, Bill Cycle, Bill Group, Product/ Plan /Tariff, Customer Category, Call Type, Charge Head, Bill Head & more.}

    UMT Implementation Methodology - AAA Approach

    UMT applies the 3A (Audit-Analysis-Advice) Styles of BI methodology to implement UBIZ across telecom OSS/BSS operation, revenue chain and the customer lifecycle. 3A methodology defines the following in a chronological order:


    • Define Audit point(s) by defining real business measures including KPI(s) against telecom business problems and prepare Audit Matrix (BSS/OSS Areas vs. Analytics Areas).
    • BI Analytic Areas are Usage, Customer, Revenue and telecom KPI and OSS/BSS areas are Mediation, Provisioning, Rating, Billing, Collection, CRM, ERP and Finance etc.
    • Gather objective data by preparing problem specific data mart(s) including Full mathematical, financial, and statistical treatment of data using ETL Scripts from operational data source(s) and do analysis including aggregation, segmentation, profiling, trend-analysis, prediction, forecasting, optimization and finally scoring.
    • Objective data is extracted, transformed & loaded to BI/DSS Schema from operational data source(s) using ETL Scripts.
    • Dimension Tables (LOB, Bill Cycle, Bill Group, Billable Account, Customer Category, Product/Plan/Tariff, Call Type, Bill Head, Location etc.)  to be populated in BI/DSS Schema
    • Fact Tables (Typically Rated vs. Billed, ARPU, MOU, Growth vs. Churn, Collection vs. Outstanding etc.)
    • Finally advice on decision data by publishing information on Dashboard, actionable report(s) delivery or raising alert using SMS/ Email to Decision-Maker(s).

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