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REACH is a Customer Communication Management platform that enables automated and personalized omni-channel communication at scale.

How REACH can help

  • REACH automates omni-channel and multi-format B2B and B2C communications
  • REACH serves as a communications hub for all Apps in your IT landscape
  • REACH helps you implement a centralized Communication Strategy that automates communication to your customers, employees and support teams, and ensure that information shared is consistent, timely and targeted to the recipient

REACH is a stitched platform combining the core capabilities like

  • Data integration
  • Template based multi-format content generation
  • Various communication channel integration
  • Orchestration platform to stitch the capabilities together into usable services as per specific business requirements
  • API gateway to expose and provide the Communication services to all Apps across the IT landscape

REACH has helped our customers integrate all communications into a single platform. This ensures timely and automated communication though various channels that reduces human dependencies as it is completely rule based. An efficient platform that also helps to ensure customer satisfaction as your customers are always kept informed though effective and proactive communication.

Business Benefits

  • Customer Experience – Improved CX through timely, personalized and meaningful communications, improved cross-sell/up-sell, higher brand advocacy
  • Better Efficiency – Let Business decide on communications (decrease reliance on IT), reduce data and operational silos, automate
  • Reduced Risks – Ensure compliance (don’t miss an important communication), reduce churn (reduce surprises, keep customers happy)

Platform Highlights

Data & channel integration, Multi-format content generation, formatted personalized communication, on-demand and batch processing, Orchestrate communication flows


  • REACH is a Communications Hub for all Apps in your IT landscape
  • Uses the most popular reporting tool in the world – Jasper
  • Proper Unicode support across various content formats
  • Bounce-mail-tracking (BMT) supported out of the box
  • Modular and easy to adapt; adds agility to your processes
  • Proven performance – a third of time compared to competing solutions

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