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enhancement & maintenance

Achieving High Performance with UMT

Enhancement & Maintenance Support

To be sure that your applications can address today’s formidable challenges, you need an exceptional team to deliver platform development, maintenance & support.


UMT’s talented, diverse and agile team of professionals bring technological, business processes & industry specific expertise to strengthen your entire application portfolio.


We continuously aim to keep your systems up and available around-the-clock from answering your questions and concerns, to troubleshooting unforeseen glitches, updating non-working links, optimizing cross-channel brand content and continually testing your website’s functionality, offering new software upgrades.


Client communicates with help desk via ticketing, email, phone and proprietary app.

Brand Value Enhancement and Continuity

Why E&M Support Services?

To get the greater return on investments (ROI), UMT ensures the right set of strategic Business Brand Imperatives for its clients when and where they need it.


Higher Customer Referral Rates and Customer Satisfaction: Measure and adapt customer’s feedback creating uniform experiences across all channels driving customer loyalty.

More Intelligent Multi-Channel Customer Acquisition: Provide uniform multi-channel view, Customer segmentation analytics and insights and help in generating channel differentiators for the brand.
Continuous Channel Availability: Avoid system outages which in turn give high performance.
Brand Competitiveness: Establish emotional connection with the customers and increase the inclination for repetitive purchase in them. This will create a point of differentiation that you can use as a competitive advantage.
Minimize Customer Churn: People want to buy from places that make them feel good. Analyzing and adapting customer’s behavioural trends at an early stage and proactively acting for customer retention creates a memorable and enjoyable experience for customers and they will keep coming back for more and not churning away.

Performance Optimization: Use testing and analytics on the data gathered from your users to improve your key online metrics and unleash the sophisticated marketing and merchandising tools within UMT to continually enhance your eCommerce offering.

  • Invoke conversion rate analysis to turn more of your browsers into customers.
  • Undertake user experience testing and user journey analysis based on real data rather than opinion.
  • Use A/B Testing or multi-variant testing to optimize the performance of key pages.
enhancement maintenance round the clock

UMT Enhancement & Maintenance Services include two categories:

Product Enhancement: Adding new functionality, new modules etc

Product Support and Application Maintenance: Production support, bug fixes etc.

  • Monitor health of the server H/W components, including CPU, Memory, disk & network IO.
  • Monitor application performance by closely tracking transaction time, response time, database and web transaction overviews, etc.
  • Insights – Application activity, Front end & back end performance, page loading and transaction errors.
  • Ensuring the application security from SQLi, etc.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Hybris version upgrade
  • Integration of 3rd party APIs
  • Performance tuning and bug fixes
  • Customization of accelerators and back office
  • UI / UX – Responsive application development
  • End to end implementation
  • Manage end to end Release cycles
  • Releases on CI, UAT, Pre-production and Production environments
  • Release automation
  • Monitors the infrastructure and helps ensure high uptime and peak performance
  • Collection and storage of monitoring data for historical analysis
  • Compatibility with JMX to monitor the Hybris commerce server
  • Health checking using HTTP requests
  • Charting, Dashboard and Alerting
  • Monitors the application uptime like checking the home page, PDP page and adding something to shopping cart etc.
  • Detailed view of the whole system not only individual components.
  • Identify the root cause of system problems quickly to reduce the MTTR.
  • Identify and monitor the relationship between browser, load balancer, web server, app server, search, caching systems, database, 3rd party services and integrations, etc
  • Functional, Regression and Smoke Test
  • AB testing
  • Test case automation

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