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infrastructure billing solutions

Today, the Infrastructure & Utility industry is affected, by the trends of deregulation, changing customer demographics, enhanced customer service expectations and environmental challenges. These trends, combined with highly volatile commodity prices, are affecting this industry on a daily basis. It requires new technologies and processes — for metering and monitoring, through billing and customer care — to boost business performance and enhance profitability.

Why UMT?
UMT helps improve effectiveness of infrastructure & utility firms through solutions that are one of the most prevailing and flexible billing platforms to deal with the given complex conditions that arise in the utility industry. With in-depth knowledge of the billing industry, UMT offers technology solutions and services which have immediate impact on the Opex and Capex as well as a positive impact on revenues.


Benefits to Service Providers

  1. Ultra Low TCO: Various payment options with a focus on customer’s high ROI
  2. Quick to Deploy: Easily configurable for specific business needs
  3. Convergent Billing: One Bill for multiple Lines of Business
  • Multiple Utilities
  • Utility and other services in combination

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