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partner settlement & wholesale billing

Interconnection is the largest source of revenue for established communication service providers. For start-ups, interconnect accounts for almost 50% of their revenue. Interconnect service is a significant revenue generator, but it may also have significant costs. A good Interconnect Billing System provides a mechanism to ensure an acceptable ROI to the operator. In addition to plugging different issues, an interconnect billing system can also provide advanced features like interconnect data analysis and least cost routing, which gives additional revenue opportunities to the operator.

Balios, the Interconnect Billing & Settlement Solution from UMT provides a complete Inter-Operator Call Accounting and Partner Settlement Solution. It supports both domestic and international settlements for wire line and wireless operators. Operators require good Interconnect Billing Systems to prevent interconnect revenue loss. Balios is a complete Interconnect Billing Solution with fool proof agreement reference data-building and call information validation features. It ensures that the operators do not lose any interconnect billing opportunity, prevents revenue losses due to wrong invoicing by Other Licensed Operators (OLOs). The integrated LCR module offers comprehensive route analysis to determine the financial impact linked with each potential route, assuring an ROI that is unmatched in the marketplace.

The Salient Features:

  • Ability to build reference data based on interconnect agreements
  • Acceptance and validation of call information
  • Calculation of charges for multiple rate plans, pricing, re-pricing and summarizing
  • Supports multiple charging methods – element based, distance based
  • Detailed and summary reporting and call statistics
  • Generation of settlement statements
  • Bulk Upload of Reference Data
  • CDR level reconciliation
  • Least Cost/Best Cost Routing


Balios provides a complete and flexible solution to produce interconnect revenue and verifies cost. The flexibility of Balios comes from its rule-based configuration that enables easy and fast changes to rates and charging mechanisms.

Balios Bulk Upload feature allows uploading of data (e.g.: Rate information from Other Licensed Operator (OLO) in to the system in any template. This facilitates the process of loading large amounts of data onto the system in an efficient manner and avoids the need to manually enter the details.

Balios LCR solution significantly reduces the cost of all outbound traffic, by intelligently routing calls over an established network based on carrier cost, call quality and trunk capacity. Numerous parameters like route capacity, route cost, QoS, recent call load to various routes are considered to determine financially efficient routes for traffic. The increased revenue margin, due to this optimized routing system, helps the operator improve the ROI.

Balios generates pseudo-invoices to compare and verifies Operator’s invoices. Other than that, Balios also can perform drill down analysis using record level reconciliation (cdr level) for any discrepancies.

The enhanced Interconnect Billing System – Balios from Ushacomm allows the users to write their interconnect business rules. This feature of Balios increases the operational efficiency of an operator to manage interconnect business on a day-to-day and an hour-to-hour basis. It also empowers them with the ability to incorporate business logics on agreements easily and quickly.

Balios can be implemented on a variety of platforms, including UNIX, Linux &Solaris and supports Oracle-Standard Edition. This flexibility results in a lower cost of ownership for operators, both in terms of initial investment and on-going maintenance costs. It also supports multiple and converged technologies.

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