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pegasus - mediation and provisioning solutions

PEGASUS – The Mediation & Provisioning Suite

Revenue Management processes highly depends on a seamless flow of data between the serving network and downstream systems for billing, fraud management, partner reconciliation and more. Managing this plethora of information, diversified in terms of value range, velocity and structure, is a complex task and it must be managed to ensure that the usage records are not lost, duplicated, corrupted or simply rejected by the system.


The UMT Pegasus Mediation functions as a flexible mediation solution that bridges components across any layer of an IT or network architecture, providing comprehensive functionality that ensures all related systems can communicate with each other as effectively as possible.


Its Provisioning and Service Activation solution offers a single unified interface for provisioning of all the device/network types, easily integrated with any billing/downstream application and serves all the back-office systems involved in the provisioning process. UMT Pegasus, act as a key enabler for seamless integration with all network types viz: PSTN, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, ADSL, Cable etc. into existing BSS landscape and charging infrastructures. It enables service providers to collect, transform, and correlate high volumes of complex data in multi-service, multi-network environments to be processed and aggregate quickly and cost-effectively.


The team of UMT has successfully deployed The Pegasus – Mediation & Provisioning solution to customers across the globe in the BSS/OSS environment, irrespective of network technology.

UMT ‘Pegasus’ Mediation & Provisioning - Product Features

Fast paced Mediation processing handling multiple network and Usage Detail Record (UDR) events

  • Collect and Validate UDRs from each data source, like network elements, routers or servers – via different protocol and interfaces
  • Process according to the source format and filtering out of non-billing-relevant UDRs, if required
  • Checks duplicate UDRs across files for a given time window
  • Aggregates partial UDRs based on the aggregation rule, if any, from different sources
  • Segregates UDRs and distribute billing data to the downstream applications
  • Format change and UDRs normalization
  • Delivers formatted UDRs to different end application like Billing, Interconnect, Fraud Management, etc.
  • Generates audit trail for incoming UDRs and keeps track of all the Usage Data Records at various stages of mediation process


Fast paced Provisioning processing handling multiple network and Usage Detail Record (UDR) events

  • Normal provisioning along with Priority Provisioning in which high priority requests are get provisioned faster.
  • Parallel processing which is capable to handle higher volume of requests simultaneously
  • Simultaneous provisioning for different network agents using different protocol like Web Services, Socket, Telnet etc.

Tangible Benefits for your Business

Our solution 'Pegasus' enables Communications Service and Network providers to:

A Unified Convergent Architecture provides extension to billing mediation solution with service provisioning in a single mediation framework to deliver the right level of functionality at the most reasonable cost, making it flexible to accommodate change while supporting any data stream from any source. This leads to more informed business decisions by faster, accurate and accessible view of business metrics.

The application handles both Mediation & Provisioning requests at the same time. It collects usage data from various Network Elements, processes them and delivers/transfers them to the end applications fulfilling the Mediation requirements. The system also executes service provisioning/de-activation requests submitted by Customer Care and Billing System and provides provision of sending back acknowledgement of success and failure and an intuitive GUI to query and view status of requests issued.

New functions and interfaces can be developed independently and open exchange of information between systems. The solution is based on JAVA, Standard-based Application Programming Interface, enabling interoperability by exposing business functionality and data openly for other applications to consume. This protect companies against vendor lock-in.

Access complete admin info about the system’s status and performance through a centralized graphic user interface for detailed tracking of processed data and manual/auto correction of charging data. Execute business scenarios based on user–defined configurations and seamlessly adapt to evolving business models. It improves time to market by eliminating long lead times for technical customizations providing high configurability and rapid deployment.

Lower cost of implementation through avoidance of 3rd party software platforms embedded within the Pegasus software architecture having both data collection and provisioning in a single framework. Supports small database like ORACLE-XE/SE for small subscriber base also.